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From the idea of our founders, that envisioned to instill the Swiss characteristics of quality and luxury in cosmetics , came the birth of Caviar of Switzerland, which has since become an award winning skincare collection. Established over 20 years ago in Switzerland, we are proud that our products continue to be 100% Swiss made. A unique blend of quality, innovation and elegance, the line delivers high-end results that are accompanied by the luxury that encompasses the brand.
The formulas used in our products, have been developed in our world-renowned  laboratory in the mountainous Swiss Riviera by a team of scientists, through research and development in the field of cellular science. Innovative techniques were developed to produce fresh cellular extracts while keeping the cells alive, sophisticated peptide generation technologies and advanced delivery systems, that lead to the creation of our products.

The Caviar of Switzerland collection contains an exclusive ingredient complex with high tech active ingredients and precious Caviar extract. The innovative age-fighting ingredients deliver nutrients essential to the health, vitality and overall appearance of your skin while offering the purity, quality and innovation that is synonymous with Switzerland.

Caviar of Switzerland follows high dermatological standards to deliver the utmost quality. We use only selected active ingredients that have been carefully examined to be of the highest standard and efficacy. Our highly potent skincare line has a remarkable ability to reverse the signs of aging and promote skin cell regeneration.


Our luxurious skincare line has won several awards worldwide during the past 5 years. We have also been nominated, by consumers and experts in the field, for several other awards in many countries. Additionally, Caviar of Switzerland has always been in the highlights of beauty shows and contests, establishing the quality of the brand in many levels. Amongst the most prestigious awards obtained are the “LNE & Spa Best Product” award and the “Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys” award.

From thousands of products on the market, to over 180 nominees chosen by the Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa educational team, to 46 reader voted winners, the LNE & Spa Best Product Award (face cream category) has been given to Caviar of Switzerland 24h Regeneration Cream in 2017. The LNE & Spa Best Product Award has also been given to Caviar of Switzerland Revitalizing Eye Cream (eye cream category) in 2016 and 2018 ad the best eye cream in its category. Lastly, the Revitalizing Eye Cream has won the Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys award in 2018, establishing its dominance in the eye cream category.

LONDON, UK is the authorised distributor for Caviar Of Switzerland, for the UK and Ireland.
117 341 29 Company House Registration Number
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